Dev Updates

chrome extension approved in ext dir!

added Thu May 6, 2021 by omni

after some delay from those folks ‘due to covid’, chrome users can now get and use the centratus browser extension in just a couple clicks. the link to get is on your centratus tools page.

quick tour video

added Mon Apr 19, 2021 by omni

been a while because I had to move residence. but had a great user interview with a friend and he suggested some video on the front page, so now we have a quick tour video on how to use centratus!

added private bookmarks

added Sun Mar 14, 2021 by omni

now just check the box when adding bookmark if you want it to be private (only visible to you)

hazzah! our FireFox add-on now in the official directory

added Thu Mar 11, 2021 by omni

now it only takes a couple or few clicks to install the browser add-on to firefox, and hopefully more people will discover centratus via the listing

added mobile friendly design

added Wed Mar 10, 2021 by omni

now centratus looks amazing on a phone. that’s my opinion and might be fact. one fact for sure it looks a million times better on a phone than it did two weeks ago. E.T. phone centratus!

added about me on personal url

added Fri Feb 26, 2021 by omni

now when you send people to not only will they get to see your bookmarks but also a little blurb about you!

added vanity urls

added Fri Feb 26, 2021 by omni

now you can easily link or share your bookmarks with a url like

a few updates today

added Mon Feb 22, 2021 by omni

improved login flow when bookmarking with browser extensions, if not already logged in. changed signup / signin to use modal and ajax. optimized site loading. added user profile including edit form and avatar upload.

added suggested tags

added Sun Feb 21, 2021 by omni

we now crawl the bookmark url, deduce some keywords, and offer these on the add new bookmark form as suggested tags