Flipping The Switch

Flipping the Switch

It looks like time for me to sell my bitcoin and buy some land.

I found a great little spot on a lake near more lakes and rivers and forests.

Nervous but excited.

Got my first twelve person tent today. Should be plenty of space, but the land is slanted so I will need to do lots of digging and swinging of the pick ax to cut into the hill and that coupled with a retaining wall to hold that fill should work to make a level space big enough for my new tent.

I met the neighbor, a retired teacher. He is very calm and peaceful and kind. He said I should buy the spot after we talked it over, but he said it more in a way like he thought I would be a good fit there and that it would be good for me. That was when I knew for sure it’s going to be my spot.

Neat little community around the lake, modest ‘association’ with cleanup days and caring for the lake and looking out for each other. Seems fantastic really, and only forty minutes from where my son lives. Right outside the suburbs, like ten miles past the suburbs, quite a great spot if one wishes to live near a city but not in it.

I prayed to God asking to help guide me to the land to buy and this was the first one I found that fit a couple basic parameters, turns out to be seeming like quite the hidden gem.

I will get electric and internet and make a spot for the tent and write code by a lake and bring my boy camping there on weekends with swimming in the spring fed lake and boating on the little nearby river. There are large forests all around but also there are large protected forests nearby with public access, so we can go exploring the woods without trespassing.

All that but I am sad to sell my bitcoin at this particular conjecture. Alas, there will be more bitcoin to get and I will finally own land!!!!!!!

If you live in the states and are interested in buying cheap land I suggest you checkout landcentral.com They have great deals and even offer payment plans without credit check or banks involved! They have plenty of great reviews and so far seem like a wonderful company. Tell ’em Omni sent you 🙂

I need to move some numbers around and then I plan to pull the trigger on the purchase in about a week. My next post will hopefully have some pictures and a big hazzah!.

I’m looking forward to an environment that is not all wound up.